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How to Choose an Auto Loan? These Questions Need to be Figured Out

Questions you need to understand before you apply for an auto loan

Small Tips to Save Your Money on Auto Insurance

Some small tips for you to cut the budget on car insurance

Auto Loan Basics

By knowing what kind of rate you qualify for before you try to buy a vehicle, you accomplish three things:

All About Auto Loan You Should Know(2)

Certificate of occupation, position and income of myself and his spouse;

All About Auto Loan You Should Know(3)

In October 2003, the China Banking Regulatory Commission published the Measures for the Administration of Automotive Financial Institutions and the Regulations on the Administration of Automotive Finance Companies in November, in accordance with China's commitment to open up the auto consumer credit market.

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The correct choice of auto loan object, from the source strict customer access, which is to prevent risks, to ensure the safety of loans premise and basis. In order to strengthen the pre-loan investigation

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The extraordinary development of the auto credit business has indeed brought profits to banks. While sharing the joy of the auto loan "cake", the rising rate of auto loan defaults is a wake-up call for the banking industry.

Auto loan process

Documents you need to prepare to buy a car with a loan

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An auto loan is a loan made by a lender to a borrower who applies to buy a car, also known as a car mortgage.

Do You Know the 28 Discounts on Auto Insurance in the United States?(1)

Each insurance company will have a variety of insurance discounts and preferential policies.