All About Auto Loan You Should Know(4)

June. 22,2020
All About Auto Loan You Should Know(4)

3, prudent lying to select the loan object, the implementation of the "account manager commitment" system.

The correct choice of auto loan object, from the source strict customer access, which is to prevent risks, to ensure the safety of loans premise and basis. In order to strengthen the pre-loan investigation and ensure the quality of customers, the bank can establish and improve the "responsible commitment" system, requiring the account manager according to the customer's income level, business status, industry risk, especially the degree of credit classification of customers, as the main basis for determining whether to issue loans, whether to handle performance guarantee insurance and what kind of guarantee method, and by the account manager at the time of the loan issued to sign a "loan liability commitment", the relevant responsibility of each loan to the person, linked to wages, Be responsible for the investigation of the loan and assume the responsibility for recovery to ensure the safety of the loan.

4, clear insurance terms, improve the loan procedures.

As an insurance company's insurance business, "exemption clause" is an important part of the insurance clause, the insurance clause for the policyholder (borrower), the insured (loan bank) and vehicle quality (provided by the dealer) is very strict, the loan operation will cause the insurance failure, that is, "insurance liability exemption." Auto loan performance bond insurance is not truly "full insurance". Therefore, the bank should correctly understand the insurance terms on the basis of perfect loan procedures. First, in accordance with the requirements of the insurance terms, seriously improve the investigation, examination and approval procedures for loans, second, to the vehicles provided by car dealers to review, strict quality control, third, to ensure the continuity of motor vehicle insurance in the loan term, the borrower must be in accordance with the loan term of a one-time full insurance, not shorten the insurance period;

5, change the loan model, and actively start a "direct-guest" loan business.

"Straight-passenger" auto loan business, with flexible way to buy cars, guarantee mode of a variety of significant characteristics, each bank to gradually introduce customers to the bank for loans "passenger-style" passive operation mode, to "customers buy cars first to find the bank" "direct passenger" active operation mode. Through the "direct customer" marketing method, further expand the scope of loan objects, reduce the cost of customer purchase, improve the efficiency of loan management, enhance the visibility of the bank auto loan brand, enhance the competitiveness of the industry. By adopting housing mortgage, new car mortgage, third-party guarantee and other guarantee methods, gradually change the situation of relying solely on insurance companies performance guarantee insurance for business, spread the risk of automobile loans, and focus on the loan models from large trucks to taxis, passenger cars and family cars, and constantly reduce the risk of automobile loans.