About buying car insurance, these basics you must understand

June. 24,2020
About buying car insurance, these basics you must understand

And when it comes to renewal, are you still worried about what car insurance to buy? Or was he knocked out by the introduction of the car ranger? And listen to me tell you about car insurance, exclude your doubts


First, what are the classification of car insurance?


Car insurance can be divided into two categories, one is strong insurance, a large category is commercial insurance.


The risk of cross-border is a kind of insurance that must be taken, there is no room for negotiation. If the vehicle on the road did not buy strong insurance, will be fined twice the risk. The premium of the insurance is not high, the family car is generally around a thousand yuan, but the limit of compensation is also limited. If the motor vehicle is the responsible party, the maximum compensation for death and disability is 110,000 yuan, the maximum medical compensation is 10,000 yuan, and the maximum compensation for property damage is 2,000 yuan. Take a column, if you hit a luxury car, if the injured up to 10,000 yuan, causing death big to pay 110,000 yuan, if people are okay, just crashed the car, i sorry even if the car is good can only pay 2,000 yuan. Think of this compensation is really a cup of water car salary, traffic accident this money is really not enough.


Since the amount of insurance claims is very limited, so there is commercial insurance as a high-risk prevention. Commercial insurance is divided into basic insurance and additional insurance, additional insurance needs to have the premise of the main insurance can be purchased. For example, scratch insurance belongs to the car damage insurance additional insurance, if you want to buy scratch insurance that must buy car damage insurance can be.


If the accident requires compensation, priority is given to the use of strong insurance, the amount of the settlement of strong insurance is not enough in the case of the use of commercial insurance in the third party liability insurance claims.


What kinds of insurance are worth buying?

There are so many types of insurance, which insurance is worth buying, the following few are definitely necessary to buy.


Car damage insurance


Car damage insurance refers to the insured or its allowed driver in the driving insurance vehicle when the insurance accident caused by the insurance vehicle damage, said that this kind of insurance is to protect your own car, especially some novices can avoid bumping, with this insurance company can protect the car. The amount of insurance for vehicle damage insurance is generally based on the value of the vehicle, the amount of insurance shall not exceed the value of the vehicle itself, even if it is not paid.


Car damage insurance Some cases are not paid, such as the following cases:


1 The damage caused by the earthquake is not compensated, in fact, other natural disaster insurance companies other than the earthquake are to pay compensation, only the earthquake does not pay.


2 part of the part of the stolen do not pay, indeed some say not past, the vehicle's tires, car labels and other accessories is not part of the vehicle, if the car overnight found that the tire is missing, this situation even if bought insurance, can only admit bad luck.


3 Drunk driving, uninsured, unlicensed driving without compensation, this said in the past, compare these circumstances is their own problems in the first place, problems do not pay the excusable.


4 Engine after water ingress again without compensation, this situation caused by the engine damage insurance company will consider improper operation caused by this situation box will not pay.


About buying car insurance, these basics you must understand


Despite the number of non-payments, car damage insurance is still one of the most worthbuying car insurance.


Third Party Liability Insurance


If there are some circumstances where the vehicle is damaged, or the damage is not serious, you can not repair their own car, but after the collision of the other side's car can not be without compensation.


Third party liability insurance is a supplement to the insurance, including compensation for personal injury and death, as well as property compensation, this part should be the driver responsible for compensation if on this insurance, the insurance company will compensate you.


The choice of insurance amount is divided into multiple grades, from 50,000 to 1 million can be insured, the cost of each grade is different, need to find a premium and compensation balance point, resulting in a BMW general accident, may be up to 500,000 yuan can also be paid, but if encountered more luxurious cars such as Bentley, perhaps 500,000 is not enough, but the probability of encountering Bentley is relatively small. The loss of a car is still measurable, but for some personal losses are not easy to calculate, and the cost is no lower than the price of crashing a car.


Here recommended car damage insurance to buy at least 300,000 yuan grade, if it is a novice, it is recommended to choose 500,000 yuan grade, of course, even if the amount of insurance is high, safe driving is to comply with the code!


No deductible insurance


This type of insurance belongs to the additional insurance, is required to have the main insurance can be purchased, such as three liability insurance no deductible insurance and car damage insurance does not count deductible insurance.


The insurance provisions, the accident car owner is 5%-20% of the responsibility, that is, if hit someone else's BMW, need to compensate 200,000 yuan, may even buy a third party liability insurance, insurance companies may only pay 180,000 yuan, the remaining 20,000 yuan need to pay out of their own pocket, but if you buy this non-deductible, the owner will not compensate a penny, this is not a deductible insurance function, so in order to maximize their own claims, this insurance must buy!


Third, which kinds of insurance are not recommended to buy?

Some of the risks are not recommended for purchase, or are available in demand, and here are a few common types of insurance that need to be considered as appropriate:


1 All-car theft and rescue


Some people call this kind of insurance as "stealing and emergency", so it is easy to forget the first two words "car", that is, only the whole car lost insurance company will claim compensation, and some parts lost, such as car signs, car tires lost alone is not paid, and other things lost in the car is not paid. Now the security conditions are much better, the loss of the whole car has become less and less, so this risk or do not buy. Of course, if you live in a place where security is poor, you can consider buying.


2 Wading insurance


This insurance only protects the loss of the engine, and if the engine is in the water after the second start of this situation is not claimed. Note that if the vehicle is placed in the ground storage is soaked by the flood, resulting in the loss of the vehicle, even if the purchase of water-related insurance, as long as the purchase of car damage insurance, the insurance company will also make claims. If your city doesn't have that much rain, you don't have to buy this insurance.


3 Self-ignition insurance


New car of course can not consider this kind of insurance, because the probability of self-ignition of the new car is too low, than the probability of winning the lottery is low, although the cost of this insurance year is also dozens of dollars, but the insurance purchase conditions, claims are also conditional.


Buy: Insurance companies are not stupid, generally each insurance company will limit the age of the car, may be more than 7 years of vehicles can not buy this insurance.


Claims: Only self-igniting vehicles will be claimed, next to the fire ignited your vehicle this situation is also not to pay, in addition to the private modification of the car wire also do not pay.


To sum up, you can buy when the probability of spontaneous combustion is very low, until your self-ignition probability is high when the insurance company will not let you buy...


4 Scratch insurance


This insurance belongs to the car damage insurance additional insurance, the same is the new car can buy, the old car does not allow to buy the insurance type, the requirements of this insurance insurance is not obvious collision traces, but paint caused by damage. In general, this is not due to the collision caused by the probability of the car is quite small, and scratch insurance the second year will also make premiums rise, personal feeling the general vehicle can not be used, with small scratches general auto repair shop is completely can be resolved.


5 Glass individual damage insurance


Referred to as glass insurance, which will cause misreading, if you know its full name in the mystery of it will also understand. Claims will only be made if the glass is damaged and the rest of the equipment in the car is intact, and the glass refers only to the windshield and side glass. Mirrors, skylights, headlight glass are not paid.


Four, out of danger or not?

Some cases for the loss of relatively small circumstances, such as the car of others, their full responsibility, we have to consider whether it is out of danger, because if the amount of compensation is not dangerous may be more cost-effective. Because one year does not risk the next year premiums cut by 10%, two years without insurance to reduce 20%, so this risk thing still need to be seriously considered. Also note that if the previous year serious violations or more than 3 traffic accident premiums will not only not be reduced but also will rise, so safe travel is really very important.


Is it good to renew insurance in advance?

Insurance can be purchased 90 days before the expiration of the second year of renewal, so early renewal is good? Some people feel that the idea of early renewal if the period is in danger, the number of times the number of risks on the accounting accounting to do the previous year's risk, the idea is wrong, there is no such good thing. Therefore, it is not necessarily good to renew the insurance in advance, it is recommended to renew the guarantee two weeks in advance on it.


At last

Having said so much, some old drivers may still not buy commercial insurance, personal absolutely if you can still buy something better, after all, there will be protection, the number of private cars increased year by year, bumps on the road in inevitable. Of course, also do not recommend what insurance to buy, buy suitable, cost-effective insurance is the king road