How to Buy Travel Insurance and Make Your Trip More Comfortable (2)

September. 03,2020
How to Buy Travel Insurance and Make Your Trip More Comfortable (2)

Overseas Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance can be divided into Asian tours, European tours, global tours and other insurance products according to destination, should focus on accident insurance, medical insurance and emergency services three major protection content.


Accident insurance mainly provides financial compensation after accidental death or disability, medical insurance mainly provides compensation for medical and related costs, and emergency services are provided mainly through a 24-hour multilingual helpline, including medical information arrangements, hospital advances for medical expenses, instructions for the nearest embassy and other services.


When buying insurance, pay attention to the strength of international rescue agencies. Joint venture insurance companies benefit from international shareholders and can provide more professional and efficient rescue services such as medical evacuation. Overseas emergency relief and medical projects mainly include arranging hospitalization and advance medical expenses, transfer to hospital for treatment, transfer to return, arranging for the return of children and administrative assistance. Even visitors who have lost their wallets, passports, or lost luggage outside the home can call the 7x24 helpline for help.


Because the cost of medical treatment abroad is generally higher, the amount of medical insurance must be purchased in full. Accident insurance liability in general overseas travel insurance, not including skydiving, diving and other high-risk sports, if you have plans to participate in these sports, it is recommended to buy additional special accident insurance.


If you are going to Africa and other places, due to the low level of destination economy, hot climate, infectious diseases, in addition to buying basic protection function save ment insurance, but also pay attention to the purchase of insurance that can cover all types of infectious diseases.


If you are planning to travel to Europe, pay special attention to whether the destination is a Schengen visa country. Schengen visa countries mainly include Germany, France, Netherlands, including 26 European countries. Under the Schengen Agreement, those travelling to these countries must present a Schengen visa insurance that has been purchased, which is a basic prerequisite for the issuance of a Schengen visa. Therefore, such insurance products must be accompanied by a global emergency rescue function, the amount of medical insurance is not less than 30,000 euros, generally more than 300,000 yuan. Schengen visa insurance is valid in all Schengen countries and for the entire duration of your stay.


In addition, outbound travel may also encounter bank card theft, flight delays and other risks, these have the corresponding insurance can be protected.


When selecting flight delay insurance, to focus on compensation standards and the convenience of claims, the first choice of the starting compensation time is short, it is best to choose a delay of 2 hours to start payment, and do not need the airport, airlines issued a delay certificate, to meet the payment conditions can automatically quickly pay.


The scope of protection of bank card theft risk is more comprehensive. Whether the cardholder has set a password to swipe, swipe through a POS machine or trade online, the theft of brush insurance can be guaranteed. It should be noted that the bank card stolen brush, must be timely to the bank to hang up, as long as the stolen 7 days within the loss, bank card theft brush insurance can be claimed.


When choosing overseas travel insurance, pay attention to the amount of medical insurance in different countries. If you go to countries that do not have compulsory insurance, in the selection can consider the number of days to travel and the level of consumption of travel destinations and other factors, the higher the level of consumption, the higher the amount of insurance should also be higher.


At present, travel insurance can basically be purchased on the insurance company website and travel website, if it is with the group tour, you can also entrust travel agencies to buy.


I wish you all a safe trip.