Auto loan process

July. 09,2020
Auto loan process

Documents you need to prepare to buy a car with a loan


1. Application form: It is very important to fill in the auto consumer loan application form. Generally, the important information of the form, such as age and repayment capacity, will be an important condition for the success of your loan application.


2. Personal data: household registration booklet, guarantor's identity card, accommodation certificate, personal income certificate, all certificates must be original and photocopies, in general, two sets of photocopies are required.


3. Proof of repayment: You must have a stable source of income to buy a car in installments. You must provide your operating invoices for three to six months. Note: under normal circumstances, the monthly supply does not exceed 60% of the total available households.


4. A third person must provide a guarantee for the repayment of the principal and interest on the loan. Note: the husband and the wife cannot be mutually insured.


5. Other conditions prescribed by the bank.


Apply for a loan to buy a car


Bank loan:


1. For prequalification, customers must first go to the bank to see if they meet the qualification requirements;


2. Approval qualifications for banks, personal data, bank account, etc. must be submitted;


3. Sign a car purchase contract, pass the preliminary examination, pay a deposit and sign a contract;


4. Submit a loan request and submit a car purchase installment request based on the car purchase contract, indicators and bank account flow;


5. The quota is usually within a week.


Notes: The bank review time is relatively longer.


Loans to finance companies:


1. Apply for a loan, understand the loan plan and follow the loan application procedures;


2. Submit documents, different loan programs must submit different documents;


3. Pass the approval, the financial company will approve it (Shanxi Tiansheng will be able to deposit the money after ten minutes of approval, please consult for more details)


4. Sign the contract, take the exam, sign the auto financing contract and make the payment;


What should I pay attention to when buying a car with a loan?


3-6 months without mortgage, the car will be retained


When buying a car with a mortgage, most people are concerned about the problems before buying a car: application conditions, interest rate, years, handling fees, etc. In fact, there are a lot of disputes after buying a car. There are two most common disputes:


1. Failure to pay on time in a certain month, although it is paid on time thereafter, damages may still be required;


2. If the reimbursement is not made within 3 to 6 years, the guarantee company directly seizes the vehicle. If the owner wishes to recover the vehicle, he can only reimburse the loan, damages and various expenses incurred by the guarantee company during the foreclosure process.


In general, the probability of late occurrence once or twice is more likely to be overlooked by the owner.


I have not paid off my loan but I do not want a car


After a few people have bought a car, the car is still on loan. For various reasons, they do not want it. It is difficult to sell the car. They just don't pay the money back. They are just waiting for the bank to take the mortgage auction. The best way is to go directly to the bank, sell the car and repay the money after approval, at least no penalty for breach of contract, and personal credit is not affected.