Credit Card Tips: Chase Ink Corporate Payment Card

January. 12,2024
Credit Card Tips: Chase Ink Corporate Payment Card

In addition to personal credit cards, Chase Bank also offers a range of business credit cards from which users can choose. Business cards from Chase Bank not only offer high card rewards, but also have an industry leading point. In terms of naming, Chase's own business cards all start with Ink Business. There are currently three cards: Ink Business Cash, Ink Business Unlimited and Ink Business Preferred. Today, let's take a look at Ink Business Cash, a business credit card with no annual fees.


Application restrictions

The original intention of banks to issue business credit cards is to attract small business owners (such as restaurants, manicure stores, pet supply stores, etc.). However, even if there is no business / business, you can apply for business credit cards. Simply select the type of business as a sole proprietorship when requesting, i.e. the self-employed (such as renting a house or online store / Ebay, etc.), all people can apply for business credit cards (non-US citizens or green card status, it is generally not recommended to apply for business credit cards).

If you choose the sole proprietorship, current business credit card applications must complete the following content:

Company name / address / telephone: the company name can be filled in with your own name, address and telephone can also be filled in with your own address and contact telephone

Annual business income: no personal income. It is perfectly fine to fill in 0 for business income.

Number of employees: fill in 1

Tax identification number: indicate your own social security number, or SSN,

Years in business: fill in according to the real, you can enter 0

In addition, all Chase business cards are subject to Chase "524 Rules". If you have requested a credit / debit card number of 5 in the past 24 months, the application for this card will basically not be approved.


Card Reward

You can get a reward of 50,000 Chase Points (hereinafter referred to as UR) by spending 3,000 knives within 3 months of opening the card. Although the Chase website states that it is 500 knives, the sign-up bonus will actually be given in the form of UR points, and the value is well over 500 knives.

How do I redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points?

500 knives or 50,000 UR points are the highest sign-up bonus of a credit card with no annual fee. For comparison, the Chase Sapphire Reserve high end credit card from Chase Bank, which is a large sapphire card, has an annual fee of $ 450, so there are so many card rewards; other non-annual credit cards, a $ 200 card reward is good.

Return to consumption

5X / $ discount: In office supply stores and online / TV / telephone consumption, you can get a 5X / $ discount, limited to a total of 25,000 knives per year

2X / $ discount: supplies and catering, you can get a 2X / $ discount, limited to the first total consumption of 25,000 knives

1X / $ discount: All other drinks, you can get a 1X / $ discount, with no upper limit

The biggest highlight of this card is that you can get a 5X / $ discount when you spend it at an office supply store. You can also purchase a gift card. For example, you can buy Amazon gift cards or gas station gift cards, which equates to 5X / $ discount points at any merchant with gift cards.

Other benefits

Interest-free period

Benefit from interest-free treatment within 12 months of opening the card. If you owe money, if you don't pay it, you don't have to pay interest.

Car rental insurance

Car rental insurance is provided free of charge, which saves a premium when renting a car. This benefit is available worldwide.

Purchase protection

Products accidentally damaged or stolen within 120 days of purchase can benefit from a single payment of up to 10,000 knives and a maximum of 50,000 knives per year.

Extended Warranty

For products with an original warranty period of 3 years or less, an additional warranty period of one year is provided free of charge.


The Ink Business Cash card, as the highest annual reward credit card with no annual fee, offers in-store office supply discounts of 5X / $. It is very powerful for buying gift cards, which is equivalent to obtaining super discounts of 5X / $ on many drinks. This is a generation of daily consumption to save certain artefacts.

Super strong discounts, no more annual fee setup, so this card can be kept for a long time, bringing a lot of rewards to cardholders.