3 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

February. 26,2021
3 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

The benefits provided by the credit card are dazzling. Whether it is direct cashback or points exchange, it is always inevitable to take out the card and use it directly. As long as there is a process of use, there is a certain chance of encountering fraud. The millions of credit card fraud incidents every year remind everyone to protect their personal information. Today, 79 will take you to talk about the ways to reduce the probability of credit card fraud~


Try to avoid using public Wi-Fi

Whether it is a hotel lobby or an airport, or some coffee and drink shops, many public places provide free Wi-Fi. While these devices provide convenience, they also give computer hackers an opportunity. Through the same network connection, it is relatively easy to obtain sensitive information such as bank account numbers, account names, and passwords. For example, making a very important transfer online, or submitting personal financial information, etc., should not be done in the Open Public network environment. You should use more when you can use VPN.


Set up bank account Alerts

Most banks can obtain the user's personal consumption habits through analysis and understanding of users' daily consumption locations, consumption types, and each consumption amount. When the consumption habits are abnormal, the system will automatically verify the difference and even immediately terminate the transaction. The main purpose of this measure is to protect consumers from credit card fraud. If you set up Alerts in advance, you can better help banks respond quickly.


Follow and check personal accounts regularly

Although banks react to credit card fraud faster and faster, they are becoming smarter with the advancement of technology. But in fact, you are the best "technology", because only you know where every money is spent. Cultivate a good habit of checking accounts regularly, you can find problems in the first time and actively get in touch with the bank, so as to minimize losses. Many friends don't like Bank Statement, but in fact, the more familiar it is, the easier it is to deal with the fraudulent use of it in the first place, and it can also help develop good consumption habits.



Although with the advancement of technology, the possibility of incidents such as theft of credit cards is getting smaller and smaller, but friends must beware. Regardless of whether it is a credit card or a debit card, it may be stolen by others and cause constant or loss. If you encounter problems, it is recommended to contact the bank as soon as possible and report to the police to minimize the possible losses.