How to Choose Travel Insurance? Everything You Need to Know (Ⅲ)

November. 05,2020
How to Choose Travel Insurance? Everything You Need to Know (Ⅲ)

2. How to buy travel insurance?

a. Look at the journey and choose insurance

Determine your travel time, travel location, travel method and number of people, etc., to choose the appropriate insurance.

• Depending on the travel method, the options are as follows:

Personal travel: travel insurance + public transportation accident insurance;

Adventure tour: travel insurance for special insurance adventure + accident insurance for public transportation;

Group tour: high-sum insured personal accident insurance;

Self-driving tour: personal accident insurance + self-driving accident insurance.

• According to the length of the trip, choose from the following:

Short-term travel: choose short-term travel insurance (for example: 3 days, 7 days, etc.);

Long-term travel: choose long-term travel insurance (for example: 15 days, 30 days, etc.).

• Unlike the area you are visiting, the options are as follows:

Domestic travel: choose domestic travel insurance;

Overseas travel: choose overseas travel insurance.

Note: According to different regions, choose different travel security.

When choosing insurance, be sure to see whether the travel insurance you buy protects the area you are going to play. Otherwise, if you buy it, it is also a white one. After all, many travel insurances are restricted by the protected area. At the same time, no matter which country you go to, the insurance required to buy is a must-buy; there is no mandatory requirement to buy it, and it is recommended to buy it to increase protection for yourself. Since medical expenses are expensive in many countries, it is very important to purchase travel insurance in advance once the risk is high.

b. Purchase according to physical conditions, economic conditions and other factors

Travel insurance is not a product that is fully protected as long as it is purchased;

Therefore, the purchase of travel insurance should be based on each person's physical condition and other factors to consider buying.

For example: some people are weak, prone to cold and fever and other water and soil unacceptable phenomena, which can increase medical protection; some people will have altitude sickness, etc., where they will go or may cause discomfort, and must increase sudden acute diseases. Security, etc.

Everyone's physical condition is different. Even if we set off and play together, it is recommended to purchase targeted travel insurance.

3. What should I pay attention to when buying travel insurance?

a. Determine travel insurance duration based on travel time

For example: 7 days or 10 days, the purchase period of travel insurance must be at 0 o'clock on the day of departure and 24 o'clock on the day of the end; to protect your travel period.

b. See clearly the scope of protection and exemption clauses

It is very important to read the coverage of travel insurance, what to protect, and what not to protect. This is very important;

In particular, it depends on the exemption clause to determine whether the insurance you purchased matches the risk you expect to occur.

c. You must buy enough travel insurance

Some people are accustomed to buying small-scale travel insurance such as 100,000 accident protection and 5000 medical protection, which actually can't provide much protection;

We buy travel insurance in the hope that we can get compensation beyond our ability to pay;

If the amount of travel insurance is low, there is a major accident, and it will not really play a protective role;

It is recommended that the amount of accident protection for travel insurance products should be greater than 200,000, and the medical insurance for accidents should be greater than 20,000, so that you can be truly assured.

d. Choose insurance according to local conditions

Choose different insurance according to different regions. For those who travel abroad, pay special attention to travel insurance with international rescue services.

e. Check whether the information is comprehensive?

After purchasing, be sure to check whether the policy information is complete and correct and the travel insurance information is complete;

General insurance should have invoices, travel insurance policies and insurance terms.

Everyone travels, you can buy according to your own journey and needs. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, the economic losses caused by accidental disease risk can be transferred through insurance. It is recommended that you carefully understand the security situation, customs, religious beliefs, etc. of the destination before you set off, and at the same time be equipped with sufficient guarantees to have fun.