#7 Imperial College London

July. 25,2021
#7 Imperial College London

Basic Infomation:

World Position: No. 7

Nature of University: Public

Research Findings: Very High

Number of students: 18,318

Number of Teachers: 3,970

Number of international students: 11,143


Imperial College London, the full name of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, or IC for short, is the world's top public research university. It has a top reputation in the international academic community and is one of the most innovative universities in the world. It is a unique institution in the UK, focusing on science, engineering, medicine and business. Imperial provides a research-oriented education that allows you to face real-world challenges. There are no simple answers. Teaching opens up all problems and provides opportunities for cross-cultural and multinational team work.

Imperial College London was established in 1907 in London, England, located in South Kensington, London, in an area called "Albertopolis", the Royal Academy of Sciences established by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1845 It was merged with the British Imperial Academy, the Royal School of Mines, and the City and Guild College of London. It was once a member of the University of London. The main campus is located in South Kensington, a well-known wealthy area in London, close to Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, and not far from Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.

Albertopolis was Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole's 19th century vision of a region where science and art merged. Therefore, the neighbors of the Empire include many of the world’s leading cultural organizations, including the Science, Natural History, and Victoria and Albert Museum; the Royal Academy of Art and Music; the British National Ballet; and the Royal Albert Hall. All their students also Graduated there.

There are also plenty of green spaces, including two royal parks (Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens), a 10-minute walk from the campus. Getting to and from the area is also very convenient because it has 3 subway lines and multiple bus lines.

One of the most unique elements of Imperial Education is that students join a world-class community of researchers. The cutting-edge and global influence of this research is the most famous of Imperial College. They focus on the practical application of research—especially in addressing global challenges—and the high level of interdisciplinary cooperation that makes their research so effective. Read more about the impact of their research here.

Imperial College is a member of the Russell University Group, the European Research University Alliance, the International University of Science and Technology Alliance, and the Global University Presidents Forum. It is also known as the Golden Triangle School and G5 together with Oxford University, Cambridge University, University College London, London School of Economics and others. Super elite university. Among the alumni of the college, there are 14 Nobel Prize winners [3], 3 Fields Medal winners, among its employees, Nobel Prize winners and prestigious scholarships (Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Academy of Medical Sciences) The number of) proves their outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Imperial College London is one of the most international universities in the world. 59% of students in the 2018-19 academic year are non-British citizens, and there are currently students from more than 140 countries/regions. At the same time, the faculty and staff of the college, like their students, are also different in terms of cultural background, nationality and experience.

 About Postgraduate:

Imperial College London offers 250 postgraduate teaching degrees and research qualifications in the fields of science, engineering, technology, medicine and business (stemb).

Information on all graduate courses they teach can be found in their A-Z course directory.

1. As a professional institution, teaching is distributed in four colleges:

2. engineering

3. natural science

4. drugs

5. Imperial College Business School

Imperial College has a number of global challenge institutes and research centers, providing graduate level qualifications. You can also find more information about their research opportunities and doctoral training centers.


If you intend to apply for a master's degree, the minimum requirement of the university is a low second-class honours degree in the UK. Most courses have higher requirements, usually at least a second-class honours degree in the UK. They also accept a wide range of international qualifications.

For doctoral, master of philosophy, doctor of Medicine (RES) or EngD research projects, the college usually expects you to hold or obtain a master's degree and a bachelor's degree at the second-class honours level in the UK.

For admission requirements for a specific master's degree, please refer to its online course page.

All admission requirements reflect the minimum requirements to be considered for admission. Because their projects are demanding and competitive, their requirements are often higher than the minimum requirements.

Meeting academic requirements does not guarantee admission, which is only one of the factors considered by the selector when making a decision: other factors such as the suitability of the course, English level (you need to pass the English test approved by the university to meet the standards specified in the course requirements in which you are interested), relevant work experience and reference materials are also important.

Language support

Although all their degree courses are taught in English, the college provides many resources for students whose mother tongue is not English through the academic English Center, including:

1. Pre school English language courses before the beginning of the College

2.  English language courses after undergraduate and exchange students, master students and doctoral students start the course

3. Language pair scheme

Tuition fees

Fees vary by course and year of enrollment. For more information, please refer to their fees and funds website.

The college offers 50 principal doctoral scholarships for outstanding students, but please check their scholarship search tool for more information on further funding opportunities worth exploring.