Chinese online novels become popular abroad

September. 27,2021
Chinese online novels become popular abroad

Chinese online novels became popular abroad, and foreign netizens: it is simply a first-class "artificial tool for drug rehabilitation"!


We often see the words "foreign novels" on the shelves of the library. Many readers will see foreign novels translated into Chinese here, but we rarely think about whether domestic novels will also be foreigners. What about translation studies?

According to reports, as early as a few years ago, domestically produced super online novels have been popular abroad. According to different types, they also have different effects on friends who love to read abroad.


The first thing that is commendable is the detoxification effect. It is said that a young man in the United States had a personality defect due to some reasons in his childhood. After he became an adult, he was very withdrawn. He often hid at home and stayed alone, but he felt depressed when he was alone. Later he started taking drugs to relieve him. My loneliness. However, since a netizen introduced him to Panlong, the masterpiece of Tomato, he has been deeply in love with reading.

Because the protagonist in the book stalls horses everywhere, and wherever he goes, he attracts the most beautiful, kind and gentle girl, so foreign guys are also very envious. Picking up girls in a sea of books, millions of super-long novels, made him unable to finish reading quickly. He spent his nights and sleeps studying, and finally forgot to take drugs. After reading Tomato's works, he magically quit drug use!

"In fact, at the beginning, I thought my friends were fooling me. Our local novels, such as Harry Potter, are very beautiful books. Why should I read foreign things?" When I read it, I can't let it go anymore.

"Panlong" was not only translated into text abroad, but also comics drawn by good people and released on the market together. Then the dragon with an oriental atmosphere began to fly in the United States, once overshadowing the image of the western dragon. After reading the Panlong novel, some young guys in the United States admired the protagonist very much, hoping that he could also become a dragon and cross the world, so many young people began to have Oriental dragons tattooed on their bodies, and they would not feel embarrassed at all. Instead, show off everywhere, as if he could really become an Oriental dragon.

However, many more conservative young people said that this protagonist named Lin Lei is too affectionate. If I see one, I want one, I don't know how many to put! Even open-minded foreigners felt that this was too inappropriate. Later, everyone realized that, oh, it turns out that this is the male protagonist in the book. It is just a fiction. It is all because the readers are too deep in the drama and forget that they are. Reading!