How popular is Chinese online writing abroad? Why are Westerners indulging in Chinese online novels?

September. 27,2021
How popular is Chinese online writing abroad? Why are Westerners indulging in Chinese online novels?

It is these authors who continue to create high-quality online literature that have made China's "cultural output" increasingly powerful, and they have also taken the otakus all over the world to spend their days in need of company.


You may not believe it. Foreigners’ enthusiasm for Chinese online writing has been shocking.


When we have long been accustomed to the protagonist's golden finger on the Internet, when one person can destroy a group,


Foreigners are unable to extricate themselves from wandering in this new ocean.

From iResearch, we saw the analysis of the scale of online users going abroad,


By 2021 (that is, this year), it is estimated that there will be another 4935.9w of users,

What do you think is attracting these foreign readers?


That's right!


It is a solid writing and these legendary stories!


"It may be because of our democratic system. Western novels are all the same drama, without the creativity of Eastern novels. For example, the protagonist's behavior is basically to "not kill" or "not steal", and pay attention to "freedom and equality." Obey the rules "What or something, it's basically the thoughts of those brainwashed democratic slaves."


"But Chinese novels are "people don't kill the earth for themselves", "injury my little brother and kill your family", "Lao Tzu is the strongest Lao Tzu has the final say", "Tooth for tooth and eye for eye", "Haha, this idiot actually pretended to be in front of such a powerful me. Really, it’s a perfect time to slap your face.” (This place shows the difference in the maturity of Chinese and foreign Shuangwen routines. Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger has become a label on Internet websites, and such a sentence is still used in English. To describe.)


"(I like Xianxia novels) because the protagonists are no longer good gentlemen."

"One of the main reasons I like Chinese novels is that the protagonists are generally not gentlemen."


"Something that really attracts me is that the people in Chinese web articles know how to awe power. They will maintain a humble attitude in front of those who can slap them to death. Unlike many protagonists in Japanese light novels. He also acted like an arrogant bastard who could stab them to death with one finger."


"In Xianxia novels, the characters behave more like I imagined. They know how to deal with people with powerful power. Even if they don’t know the actual power on the other side, they will treat people modestly instead of like some works. Brainlessly send an ultimatum to all opponents."


There are other routines such as the overlord’s hard bowing, slaughtering the city, upgrading, farming, and carrying the old grandfather. Some people have come out and exclaimed, "We haven’t seen these things before!"


However, European and American homes are still generally at the level of Xiaobai's fantasy essays. If you want to talk to them about tricky or banana works, they find that no one has read them. But I feel that these European and American houses will also evolve in the future, and then I will look for higher-level online articles and use this to learn more about Chinese culture.


Now in some forums, some people have used "blood squirting" instead of "bullshit" and "vomiting blood" instead of "lol" in their posts. I feel real joy.


At station B, the favorite type of research for these foreigners has appeared,

Thanks to a website,, my country’s online literature is so widely spread.


This is a website dedicated to serializing Chinese online literature, which was established at the end of 2014 by RWX, a senior American translator (also a Chinese diplomat). RWX is a Chinese, born in Chengdu in 1985, and settled in the United States with his parents at the age of 3.

At the beginning of 2014, RWX began to translate the Chinese fantasy novel "Star Change". This became the first Chinese online novel to be fully translated to North America. It also opened the door to a new world for many American otaku.


On December 22, 2014, he built a separate website for "Panlong" which was being translated, and named it "Wuxia World". The number of hits exceeded 100,000 on the first day of opening the website.


Today, he is coordinating a team of translators of more than 20 people, including a little blond and blue-eyed Chinese medicine partner. The website has an average daily hits of 4 million. The total number of global visits has exceeded 1 billion in August last year, of which 40% are from North America and 20% are from Europe.


More and more American otaku are beginning to fall in love with his website. Every day, more than 300,000 IPs from 115 countries log in, and countless readers urge updates and rewards...


Not only that, this large wave of cultural output has not only cultivated a circle of readers in Europe and America, but also has begun to gradually cultivate authors.


Such as this Tina Lynge.

There are already several Chinese Xianxia works sold in the form of e-books on Amazon.


Her first series of works "Blue Phoenix" Blue Phoenix


However, there are still feedback from readers: "The works are not authentic enough, and the fantasy works still depend on China."


There is also an American guy who is an addict himself.

Since reading Chinese fantasy novels, he has read five or six parts of "Panlong" (21 parts in total) all day without eating or drinking, which is equivalent to more than one million Chinese characters.


Six months later, he posted a thank you post on the forum, because he quit drugs after reading novels.


He said: "In the past, I only thought about taking drugs when I went home. Now I think about Chinese novels when I go home. They are as addictive as drugs, but at least they will not harm the body."


Later, he also tattooed a black dragon on his body, which was a sign of the protagonist’s transformation. He hoped that he could possess magic and love life and family like the protagonist.


And "The Tribulation of Ten Thousand Clan", which has been ranked first in the monthly starting point list for the last three times, also caused a trend.

The author of this book, Eagle Eat Little Chicken, has also attracted a large number of fans through his large-scale, saturated and magnificent world view, and has achieved extremely high wealth and freedom by writing online articles.

Zhihu and Hupushang’s mysterious Chinese otaku group are also deeply analyzing the advantages of this net article and the author, from character setting, worldview setting, etc., to call for their favorite authors and books.

Not disappointing, "The Tribulation of the Ten Thousand Clan" has also been made into an audio version, which is exclusively broadcast on Bread FM, updated two chapters daily, and will never be updated!


It is these authors who continue to create high-quality online literature that have made China's "cultural output" increasingly powerful, and they have also taken the otakus all over the world to spend their days in need of company. These books are in different forms to provide people who love them with more options for contact.


If you want to listen to the audio version of "The Tribulation of Ten Thousand Races", download "Bread FM", and the gold medal anchor "Tailor" will take you to experience the soul of the world of Ten Thousand Races~