Three Things to be Aware of when Buying Self-driving Travel Insurance

November. 15,2020
Three Things to be Aware of when Buying Self-driving Travel Insurance

1. the risk period does not need long risk species do not repeat

It is understood that the personal insurance of self-driving tours is mainly accidental death, disability insurance and accident medical insurance. Before choosing insurance, check your previous purchases, and if you have purchased insurance for the relevant items, you do not have to repeat the purchase.


Self-drive tours are generally short-term tours, so you can buy the corresponding short-term travel insurance products. Insurance industry suggested that the insurance period is best equal to or greater than the travel period. Typically, the insurance period starts at zero hours a day, so long as you make sure you are covered throughout your travel, it doesn't take long.


2. increase scratch insurance, pay attention to the scope of protection

The greatest benefit of self-driving tours is being able to travel with your car, so it's natural to have insurance to protect your car. Industry insiders say that car owners in the daily use of their cars will generally be their car insurance, self-driving tour is also within the scope of vehicle insurance. Just considering that self-driving tours are generally difficult to find parking places, vehicles parked in the wild or roadside, easy to be damaged, so the owner is best to add a body scratch risk to the car.


When purchasing self-driving travel insurance, the main concern is to pay attention to whether the scope of protection includes the safety of people and items on board, some car insurance has included the car people (including drivers and passengers) into the scope of protection, but this is part of the car insurance, that is, people in the event of an accident in the car to obtain compensation. Self-drive tours are not the whole journey spent on the car, so additional life insurance should also be provided.


3. according to the tourism risk of the amount of insurance

In terms of insurance, it should be based on the activities that will be involved in self-driving tours, if only low-risk activities such as green, flower-watching, picnic, the amount of insurance can be controlled at a lower level, and if there are rock climbing, exploration, diving and other high-risk activities, you need to focus on increasing the amount of insurance. It is worth noting that many insurance companies' personal accident insurance does not cover high-risk projects such as rock climbing, exploration and diving, and members of the public should carefully look at the scope of protection before purchasing, and do not assume that all accidents will be protected if they purchase accident insurance. In addition, some travel insurance items are more comprehensive, will contain a variety of insurance, some items do not need to be insured. If many travel insurance will include by boat, plane and other items, self-drive tour does not need to have these.