National Day to Buy Short-term Travel Insurance, Distress Claims Should Pay Attention!

November. 15,2020
National Day to Buy Short-term Travel Insurance, Distress Claims Should Pay Attention!

Many people choose to travel, buy a travel insurance has been an essential preparation. But the purchase of short-term travel insurance and insurance claims also have a lot of problems to pay attention to, in addition to buying the right travel insurance, in the face of the need to pay compensation, there are some issues to pay attention to.


National Day holiday travel, buy a travel insurance is very necessary. So how should I buy it?


Buy travel insurance or according to specific needs to buy better. You can buy by way of travel, if the passenger on the plane can choose air accident insurance insurance, if you choose other means of transport (trains, cars, ships, etc.) passengers can choose to insurance traffic accident insurance.


Can be bought according to travel risk, for example, to some development sites relatively mature tourist attractions, the risk factor is relatively low, buy general travel accident insurance can be. If you go to some relatively dangerous places, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and other places, then you have to buy targeted protection of travel accident insurance.


You can also buy by guaranteed number of days. Generally speaking, short-term travel accident insurance coverage period has many kinds, there are several days, there is a week, there is a month, visitors can according to their actual needs to determine the duration of protection, but the best time to protect than the tour time.


Short-term travel insurance protection period although not long, but also can not buy a thing, but also need to be tailored.


Note: Even if you have purchased short-term travel insurance, not all accidents that occur during the trip can be compensated, and some cases are not covered by claims.


First of all, many tourists like to seek excitement, like adventure, so will participate in some of the higher risk factors of activities, such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, surfing, rafting, diving and so on. These high-risk activities in general short-term travel accident insurance is not guaranteed, if you want to participate in these activities, be sure to purchase additional targeted travel insurance.


Secondly, the lack of oxygen in the plateau is completely predictable, not in line with the accident risk "sudden, unpredictable" element. Therefore, death due to altitude reaction is not an accidental death. If you really want to go to these places, you can buy highland tourism insurance, only to protect the death caused by the plateau reaction.


Again, heat stroke death is not in the accident range, heat stroke can be said to be a disease, and the patient's physical function, physical fitness, etc. are inseparable, and to a large extent can be foreseen to avoid. So the most important thing is to do a good job of heat protection.


Finally, sudden death is certainly not an accident, it is due to personal physical causes, not external factors.


If an accident occurs during the journey and an insurance accident within the scope of your insurance liability occurs, you should call the insured insurance company's 24-hour rescue call or report the case at the first time.