How to Buy Travel Insurance?

November. 05,2020
How to Buy Travel Insurance?

Now a lot of people travel, have you ever thought about buying a travel insurance for yourself? The author thinks it is necessary to buy travel insurance. The so-called travel insurance is a short-term insurance product with accident as the main protection content. Accidents are everywhere, not to mention travel most of the time is in outdoor activities, greatly increased the possibility of accidents, and take a variety of transportation is also prone to accidents, flying to meet flight delays is very common, in general, the purchase of travel insurance is necessary to accidental medical insurance and flight delay compensation as a priority of the protection responsibility, the rest of the insurance coverage can be based on their own needs to decide which insurance products. (Tell everyone a secret: travel insurance is the biggest payout is the flight delay)


Short-term travel insurance on the market usually includes accidental death and burns disability protection, compensation for accidental medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and return, flight delays, air checked baggage loss, bank card theft and other content, the amount of protection is not the same, usually the amount of protection for accidental death between 100,000-1 million, the other insurance products will have some differences in the scope and amount of compensation, need to look at the terms to understand. For example, a flight delay, some products can pay for air traffic control caused by flight delays, and some products do not have air traffic control this one. If the actual cause of the flight delay is not in the list of reasons for flight delay specified by the insurance product, the insurance company will not pay.


Travel insurance products purchase is very convenient, network insurance can be, through the insurance broker's official website insurance link after the purchase can enjoy the broker's follow-up exclusive services, as well as mobile phone WeChat can also be insured, insurance can be set effective date, automatic ally policy, convenient and fast. Specific insurance sites can be exchanged privately.


At the same time, we need to remind you of the following points:


1, travel insurance is not omnivantious, not to buy insurance, encounter any problems can find insurance companies to claim compensation. For example, many travel insurance coverage is ordinary accidents and personal safety, high-risk sports and plateau reaction sit out of this protection. If you want to do so-called high-risk sports, namely skydiving, diving, skiing, rock climbing, adventure and other sports, pay attention to the purchase of travel insurance that can protect such sports.


2, many travel agencies in the group travel will give passengers to buy an insurance - travel agency liability insurance, to protect the travel agency in the process of organizing tourism activities due to negligence, negligence caused by the accident should bear the liability. However, this insurance is primarily the responsibility of the travel agent and is not covered by the issue of accidental injury and illness caused by personal reasons during the traveller's travel. Some travel agencies may give travelers personal accident insurance, but often the amount of insurance is not high, especially the amount of medical insurance is not high, we know that the Western developed countries hospital charges are very high, treatment costs hundreds of thousands of days is possible, so this is the Schengen visa requires travelers to buy travel insurance insurance to reach 30,000 euros. So it's safer to advise travelers to buy a full amount of insurance on their own.


3. Many travelers buy travel insurance when they think that the higher the amount of insurance, the better, especially those traveling abroad. The author advises everyone: the purchase of insurance products according to their own needs, reference travel days, travel area consumption level and other purchases. Usually to Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, medical insurance is best not less than 300,000, and to Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries where medical consumption is not high, if the trip is short, the amount of insurance coverage in medical insurance is about 100,000.