To Foreign Countries to Know, How Important Travel Insurance is !

November. 23,2020
To Foreign Countries to Know, How Important Travel Insurance is !

Why buy it? First of all, the most basic value of insurance is to provide protection. As the saying goes, "not afraid of ten thousand, only afraid of in case", insurance is this one. Overseas travel insurance is a form of compensation for the economic loss and personal injury caused by an accident to you and your family. Second, some countries visa requirements. As little partners in Schengen countries know, Schengen visas are mandatory for overseas travel insurance. Although only an example, but since you can play out of the country, really not bad this money to buy another insurance, after all, the protection is their own or family.


With so much travel insurance, how do You choose?

In fact, overseas travel insurance and domestic travel insurance are much the same, the insurance companies are slightly different. Familiar partners are sure they can count out. Of course, overseas travel insurance, more detailed, more optional. Xiao made a summary and shared it with you. Travel Medical Insurance - Accidental Injury Illness


When you have any accident or illness, the cost of medical expenses, hospitalizations, medical emergencies, etc. abroad can be very high. If you feel that you are in a more remote place or travel ingress for a longer period of time, you recommend your own travel insurance, which can reimburse you for emergency medical expenses incurred in unforeseen circumstances abroad.


Wallet stolen property damaged , personal property insurance, personal money and financial insurance when going to a country, be sure to check the security here in advance, if the general reflection of more thieves or security is not very good, it is recommended to buy property can be protected. It is important to note that personal money refers to the type of cash, while carry-on insurance is a wallet mobile phone, purchase to be separated.


Travel DelayS Risk - Aircraft Delays, Suspensions

Because of the weather, the flight (train) causes delays, resulting in the cost of staying at the airport, such as hotel expenses, meals and other living expenses. In the event of an emergency with a travel delay, the insurance company must first be informed and the relevant evidence of the flight delay should be retained. Remember to request a formal proof of flight change or cancellation from the airport or airline to facilitate a claim from an insurance company.


Worried about visa but visa refusal insurance advice to apply for more difficult to apply for the country, apply for visa refusal insurance, so that after being refused, in order to high visa fees and feel the pain. During the insurance period, if the insured person's non-immigrant visa is refused by the visa issuing authority, the insurance company will pay the insurance premium according to the deductible and the compensation ratio agreed upon in the insurance policy if the visa issuing authority refuses to do so. It is important to note that this insurance is only valid for purchase before signing.


Travel cancellation insurance - Because of special reasons to cancel the trip many people like to travel in advance long planning, but to the time of departure, if the temporary situation can not go (such as the destination riot, natural disaster, epidemic, etc.), you can only reluctantly return the ticket hotel, if the date is approaching there is still a large amount can not be returned. Travel cancellation insurance minimizes losses by reimbursing the amount you cannot return when you cancel your trip. If you buy unconditional cancellation insurance, it is more convenient to want to withdraw.


Lost baggage damage - Travel baggage insurance

It seems so common to lose your luggage at the airport and break it, and it's a good place to buy this type of insurance when things are more expensive in a suitcase or suitcase. Damage, loss, or theft can be compensated. (provided that the plane carrying the luggage landed safely) Remember these insurance knowledge and feel more secure.


What kind of comparison does the insurance company choose?

Choose a large-scale reputation of insurance companies, in life is not familiar with the foreign once encountered unexpected circumstances, the advantages of large-scale insurance companies are highlighted, they can be closely connected with professional international rescue companies, so they can also provide more professional and efficient rescue services.


In the event of an accident, what is the process of going insurance? In advance of the insurance company's emergency call in the address book, the accident appears to contact the insurance company, the insurance company in connection with the rescue agency, insurance liability related expenses, by the insurance institutions to pay.


Unexpected accident, too late to call what to do? The insured pays their own expenses, collects the documents and returns home to find the insurance company to claim. What should I pay special attention to when buying insurance? In addition to paying attention to the specific process of compensation of each insurance company, but also pay attention to the circumstances can be compensated, which circumstances are not responsible for compensation.


Is the more the insured, the better?

In insurance to these as a measure: destination consumption level , destination medical level , travel days, it is recommended that some of the eu countries with high consumption level, the amount of insurance is not less than 300,000, the United States, Singapore, Japan, these high level of medical expenses of the country's insurance amount of about 200,000, Thailand, Vietnam, such as low consumption level of the national insurance amount set at about 100,000 yuan. In fact, travel insurance, like other insurance in life, is not an amulet to prevent accidents, but it minimizes losses after accidents.