12 tips for dealing with credit cards(2)

June. 18,2020
12 tips for dealing with credit cards(2)

#07 credit card tip: Withdraw large amounts for external fees

If your credit card provider does not refund you any external fees, you should of course try to keep these costs as low as possible. Since these fees are usually fixed and therefore independent of the amount of money withdrawn, it is therefore worth withdrawing larger amounts instead of smaller ones.


You may then have more money with you to watch out for, but if you remember that for each transaction you will have to pay a fee of about 5€, you can indulge in one or the other cappuccino for the money saved over time. J


#08 credit card tip: Don't withdraw money beforehand

If you fly to the first stop of your world trip, you don't really need to take any cash in your local currency. Because at airports there are usually always some ATMs where you can withdraw money (free of charge) with your credit card.


This not only saves time, but also money. Because the exchange fees of your house bank can be very expensive in percentage terms, especially for smaller amounts.


#09 credit card tip: Don't take exchange rate when withdrawing money

If you want to withdraw money in a currency other than euros abroad, the bank at the ATM often offers you an exchange rate directly. In most cases, however, this exchange rate is significantly worse than the current exchange rate at that time. So always reject this offer and proceed without conversion. The exchange rate that your own bank will use will be much better. Check this on your next credit card statement.


#10 credit card tip: Have dollars and euros with you

Even if we have just advised you not to change money before your trip, we advise you to take a few dollars with you in addition to a few euros, depending on the country.


Due to the great worldwide acceptance of these two currencies, you can also pay for the taxi to the hospital etc. in extreme need. In countries where the value of one's own currency is very low, dollars in particular are often used as an alternative currency.


#11 credit card tip: Check account movements regularly

Unfortunately, credit card or identity fraud is not noticed until it is too late, namely when the money is gone. Therefore, regularly check the movements in your accounts and report immediate abuse cases to your bank.


The sooner you notice it, the more likely you are to get your money back.


#12 credit card tip: Never keep cards in the same place

Make sure you never keep your credit cards in the same place. If a thief finds your hiding place or you leave the bag in which the credit cards are stored, all your credit cards are gone and you will soon be left without money.


However, if you give your credit cards, there is always a chance that you will lose only one or that only one will be stolen.