Employment injury insurance 101(3)

June. 18,2020
Employment injury insurance 101(3)

Competency assessment


The assessment of work capacity refers to the fact that workers suffer from work-related injuries or non-work-related injuries and illnesses, which has a variable impact on their work and their ability to live. A medical expert for the assessment of work capacity, a comprehensive assessment system to determine the degree of work dysfunction and the degree of barriers to personal care for workers according to standards established by the state, using relevant policies on safety at work, and using the methods and means of medical science and technology.




1. What documents must be submitted to request a work capacity assessment?


To request a work capacity assessment, you must submit the work accident identification decision and the relevant information on the worker's medical treatment. The decision on determining work accidents is a written decision taken by the administrative work safety service to determine whether an accident or an occupational disease of an employee falls within the scope of industrial accidents and whether he meets the conditions basic for industrial accidents in accordance with the provisions of national policies and regulations. Relevant data on the medical treatment of employees' occupational injuries refers to data on the medical conditions, medical records and treatment status of workers who have been injured in accidents or who suffer from occupational diseases and who go to a medical establishment designated by the industrial accident insurance for treatment. The work capacity assessment agency therefore checks whether the injury of workers injured on the job is stable and whether they can carry out a work capacity assessment.


2. What is the review and assessment of work capacity?


The assessment of the work capacity assessment means that one year after the date of the conclusion of the work capacity assessment, the injured employee of the worker or his immediate family members, his unit or the processing agency considers that the disability has changed and submits a request for an assessment of the examination to the work capacity assessment committee. The capacity assessment committee assesses it according to national standards and draws a conclusion on the assessment of work capacities.


The main purpose of establishing a two-level assessment form in the assessment of work capacity is to provide the applicant with escape routes for the assessment again. Because there may be cases where the assessment is unfair or the subjective opinion of the assessment is not objective and fair in the work capacity assessment work, give the claimant the opportunity to reassess not only embodies the procedural science of work capacity assessment Gender also reflects the impartiality of work capacity assessment work.


If the applicant exceeds 15 days before submitting the request to the higher-level working capacity assessment committee, the higher-level working capacity assessment committee may not accept it on the grounds that it exceeds the deadline of prescription. At the same time, the conclusion of the evaluation of the Work Capacity Assessment Committee was unsuccessful.


3. What type of medical treatment for work-related injuries does an employee receive for treatment due to work-related injuries or occupational diseases?


Workers caring for work-related injuries should consult a medical facility that has signed the service contract. When the situation is urgent, they can first go to the nearest medical facility for first aid.


The expenses required for the treatment of occupational accidents are in accordance with the catalog of projects for the diagnosis and treatment of insurance against accidents at work, the catalog of drugs for insurance against accidents at work and the service standard of hospitalization of insurance against accidents at work. The catalog of work accident insurance diagnostic and treatment projects, the catalog of work accident medication and the hospital accident insurance service standard must be stipulated by the Department of Occupational Safety Administration of the State Council as well as the Department of Health Administration of the State Council, the Department of Drug Monitoring and Administration and other departments to deal with illnesses caused by accidents unrelated to t labor and should not receive medical treatment for work accidents and should not receive medical treatment for work accidents. , According to basic medical insurance measures.


The costs incurred by workers injured on the job to go to the medical establishment which signed the rehabilitation services agreement, if they meet the provisions of the third paragraph of this article, shall be borne by the insurance fund work accident.


4. What is the period of pay for the suspension of work and what type of treatment do workers who are victims of industrial accidents receive during the period of remuneration for the suspension of work?


The pay period for suspension from work refers to a period of time during which an employee is suspended due to work-related injuries or occupational diseases and must receive medical treatment for work-related injuries, and the employer continues to pay the original salary and benefits. The pay period for the suspension of work generally does not exceed 12 months. The injury is serious or the situation is special. It can be properly extended after confirmation by the Work Capacity Assessment Committee, but the extension cannot exceed 12 months. During the period of work suspension and retention, the original salary and benefits will remain unchanged and the unit will pay monthly. Workers injured on the job will no longer be subject to initial treatment after assessing the level of disability. Workers injured on the job who still require medical attention after the pay period for the suspension of work will continue to receive medical treatment in the event of an accident at work. Workers whose work-related injuries cannot take care of themselves and who require nursing care during the period of pay for time off work are the responsibility of their unit.


5. What are the lifetime care costs? What is the cost of life care?


Life care costs refer to the cost of monthly life care subsidy paid by the workers 'compensation agency from the workers' compensation fund if the injured worker is assessed as invalid and confirmed by the professional capacity assessment committee.