How About Acitibank Credit Card? Is a Citibank Credit Card Good?

November. 30,2020
How About Acitibank Credit Card? Is a Citibank Credit Card Good?

Is a Citibank credit card good? Citibank Credit Card Application Conditions

Citibank application conditions are generally more stringent, the customer's qualification requirements are also very high, generally in other banks can successfully approve the card of children's shoes in Citibank is likely to be rejected.

How about Citibank credit cards, from the following aspects to explore

1. Repayment

Other banks currently support online or Alipay repayments, which Citibank does not support at this time. Citibank currently supports repayments only by network and LaCala, which in part makes repayment sourcing cardholders more difficult.

2. Online bank payment

Children's shoes like to buy online note, Citibank credit card does not support online banking payment, in addition, mobile client features are limited.

Speaking of so many Citibank "bad words", to do Citibank credit card people are not discouraged, in fact, Citibank's credit card is of course also have other advantages, strict approval, so the approval card quota is relatively high;

The focus of this card is on its activities. To give two examples:

1. For the specified type of consumption (such as dining shop KTV, supermarket shopping) can be 3 times points. In this way, for the meal hotel KTV this type of consumption, air mileage acquisition speed is not 18:1, but 6:1, instantly climb to the peak of all credit cards!

2. There is also one points activity within three months of the card opening:

Coupled with this activity, the card instantly belongs - a special card for eating or shopping in the supermarket. If you have more money for a particular type of merchant, this card is a pretty good choice. By the way, this card suggests applying for dual-currency Master, which will send you a RMB UnionPay card (Gold) and a Dollar Master card. The latter is also commonly known as the titanium card, and do not charge an additional annual fee, that is, your main card's annual fee, you can avoid a UnionPay gold card and a Master titanium card annual fee! Also note that this card is not like most banks a few times a year can be free of annual fees, free annual fee (300 yuan) standard is a year brush editing 30,000 yuan;