Notes on Citibank Credit Card Repayment

December. 13,2020
Notes on Citibank Credit Card Repayment

Citibank Credit Card Repayment Date 

I. Citibank Credit Card Repayment Date

Refers to the last date on which the cardholder of CITIC Bank shall repay all of his or her full dues or the minimum amount.


Second, Citibank credit card repayment date calculation method

The final repayment date for each Card at Citibank is different, and when you get your credit card and open it, the bank will tell you what day to pay back, and that day will be fixed. You only need to pay back before that day and you will be eligible for interest-free swipe. Savvy card owners tell you that you can enjoy the maximum interest-free period when spending on your credit card on the day of the bill.

Citibank Minimum Repayments

The minimum repayment is the minimum amount you must repay each month, which is the basic repayment requirement for maintaining a good credit history.


Minimum repayments , 10 per cent of the current billing of the credit card consumption , the full amount of the previous bill minimum repayment s outstanding portion of the total installment of the monthly amount payable , the principal of the pre-borrowed cash transaction , the full amount of interest and other expenses

The minimum repayment for each period is the minimum amount shown on the current statement. The minimum repayments are calculated in US DUs and/or RMB respectively. The minimum repayment stake includes the outstanding portion of the minimum repayment in the previous period, a percentage of the accumulated outstanding non-pre-borrowed cash transaction principal, the principal of the pre-borrowed cash transaction, the excess amount, the related interest expense and the sum of the monthly amortization of the instalment. If you choose to pay the minimum repayment amount, no longer enjoy interest-free repayment period treatment, will be subject to interest on the overdraft according to the interest-free repayment period. If you fail to repay the minimum amount in full by the due date, it will constitute a late date. Lateness will affect your credit history and we will charge you a late fee.