Citi Credit Credit Program Points Accumulation Rules

June. 19,2020
 Citi Credit Credit Program Points Accumulation Rules

This article introduces Citi Credit Credit Program Points Points Rules to help you understand the points rules and earn more points

1, the use of Citi Gift Card consumption, each consumption of RMB 1 accumulated 1 points, each consumption of US$1 to accumulate 7 points (a specific merchant category of credit consumption can not be earned points, see article 2 below). Citibank reserves the right to adjust the method of points accumulation from time to time.

2, the following items do not accumulate points:

(1) The applicable credit card charter or the applicable contract of payment of interest and formalities, including but not limited to the annual credit card fee, withdrawal transaction fees, overdraft interest, late fees, excess fees, and other credit card charges.

(2) Transfer transactions, cash withdrawal transactions, third-party payment platform transactions.

(3) Specific categories of record-checking consumption, including but not limited to real estate; real estate brokerage; property management and maintenance costs; automobile sales; wholesale transactions; hospitals; junior and higher education institutions; universities, colleges, professional schools; charitable and social services, non-profit undertakings; fines; bail and bonds; taxation; government services; embassy fees; government loans; and record-checking consumption of specific merchant categories listed in Annex Table 1. The above information will be adjusted from time to time according to the type of merchant added or decreased by the relevant institutions, please use the information published on the bank's website as the basis for the information, without notice.

(4) Other items otherly specified by Citibank (will be announced in advance on Citibank's website).

The merchant category code is the basis for whether Citibank grants consumption points. The merchant category code is based on the merchant category code set by the merchant's credit card POS machine. If there is any discrepancy between the credit card POS machine's consumer merchant type and the actual merchant type, please consult the merchant and acquire Institutions (that is, the bank where the POS machine is deployed or other institutions), in addition to the accumulation of points caused by Citibank’s own fault, Citibank will give points according to the type of merchant set by the merchant’s POS machine

3. If the cardholder returns for any reason the goods or services purchased by the cardholder, all points originally earned by the cardholder for such goods or services (including the original consumption points and 2 times the bonus points) will be deducted in full by Citibank, if the cardholder has used the points to redeem the points gift before deducting the corresponding points, resulting in the lack of sufficient points in his credit card account to be deducted, and after the credit card will deduct the cardholder's points balance, the portion of the credit card will be negative in the cardholder's points account. and show it in the bill.