car insurance 101(2)

June. 15,2020
car insurance 101(2)

Insurance liability for basic insurance


Loss of vehicle insurance


The responsibility for vehicle loss insurance is:


Liability in the event of a collision


The insurer is responsible for the loss of the vehicle caused by the accidental collision of the vehicle with an external object; the vehicle loads the cargo in accordance with the regulations and the accidental collision of the goods with the external object causes the loss of the vehicle.


Non-collision liability


The insurer is responsible for natural disasters (lightning, storms, rain storms, floods, tsunamis, landslides, ice caves, avalanches, avalanches, hail, debris flows, landslides, tornadoes, natural disasters suffered by drivers on board ferries) Losses caused by accidents (fire, explosion, overturning, collapse of foreign bodies, falling objects in the air, falling in parallel while driving).


Reasonable rescue and protection costs


The insurer covers the reasonable expenses occasioned by the rescue actions to reduce and avoid the loss of the vehicle in the event of an accident; the reasonable expenses incurred by the actions to prevent the expansion and aggravation of the loss of the vehicle after the accident.


Liability insurance


The insurer shall cover the compensation due by the insured if the insured or a qualified driver approved by him has had accidents while using the vehicle, resulting in direct damage to the property of the third party and injury or dead. However, the consequences of the accident are covered by the insured.


Liability insurance in the United States has restrictions on the operators of insured vehicles. If the driver and the insured do not live at the same address, the insurance company will not compensate. If they live at the same address, they must be specifically registered on the insurance policy. Liability insurance generally does not protect people who drive vehicles that do not belong to them. When you are driving someone else's vehicle. Certain clauses insure an insured person and make it possible to drive any vehicle that complies with regulations. This product is generally used for installments and ownership of the vehicle is mortgaged.


In some countries, the rate of this type of insurance is determined taking into account risk factors, but some countries adopt a fixed rate.


Exemption from basic insurance liability


Auto insurance does not generally cover the loss of the vehicle and the third party for the following reasons:


1. War, military operations, riots, armed rebellion, seizure, confiscation, government requisition


2. Driving by an uninsured or not authorized to drive by the insured;


3. Intentional actions of the insured or his qualified driver authorized;


4. During competitions, tests, repairs at commercial repair sites;


5. The cargo carried by the vehicle fell or leaked;


6. There is uninsured third party liability insurance for towing vehicles (including trailers) or other towing vehicles for motor vehicles;


7. The driver is intoxicated while driving, smoking, taking, injecting drugs or being under the influence of drugs


8. The insurance vehicle escapes;


9. An insurance vehicle driver has one of the following situations:


1. Driving without a valid driver's license;


2. Drive a vehicle that does not correspond to the authorized driving model;


3. Driving a non-military or armed forces vehicle with a military or armed forces driver's license;


4. Driving vehicles of the military or armed police forces with a local driving license;


5. Driving with a driver's license without a coach's guide; not hold a driver's license to learn to drive according to the specified time and route; drive large passenger cars, trams, truck cranes and trailers during internships without certified driving Personnel must sit and supervise; drive police cars, fire trucks, engineering rescue vehicles, ambulances and vehicles carrying dangerous goods during the probationary period; driving on the road with a driver's license or an apprenticeship; drive without a valid operating license Special mechanical vehicles, special vehicles;


10. Before the insurance accident, the insurance premium was not paid in accordance with the written agreement;


11. The insured vehicle does not have a driver's license and license plate, or fails the inspection as required;


12. An accident occurred on the insured vehicle, resulting in the suspension of the business of the insured or of a third party, the stopping of driving, the stopping of the supply, the stopping of water , gas shutdown, production shutdown, interruption of communications and other indirect losses;


13. Spiritual compensation due to insurance accidents;


14. Direct or indirect losses caused by computer problems for two thousand years;


15. The entire vehicle was stolen, stolen, stolen, damaged during the period or parts and accessories lost on the vehicle, as well as personal injury or property damage to third parties.


In particular, vehicle loss insurance does not cover losses caused by: natural wear and tear, erosion, failure, individual tire damage, earthquakes, direct supply of artificial oil, cooking at high temperature, the impact of the cargo carried by the vehicle and the overturning when the motorcycle is parked Failure to repair in time after the loss, continuous use in a timely manner, spontaneous combustion, fire caused by unknown reasons, broken glass only, malfunction after flooding and starting when the exhaust pipe is submerged in water.


In particular, liability insurance does not cover the following losses: property owned or managed by the insured or his authorized driver; the insured or private contracted vehicle or its authorized driver and members of his family, and Property owned or managed by them; all personnel and property on this vehicle.