8 Rules You Need to Know Before You Buy Insurance(1)

January. 07,2021
8 Rules You Need to Know Before You Buy Insurance(1)

1. Find out who you're buying insurance for

Many people feel that, "buying insurance itself cannot use is equal to buying in vain"! You could say that people with this idea, insurance will certainly let it down. Insurance is more of a protection for your family, and if you are at the top of your family, or your family members are too complicated, or you have to pay a large inheritance tax, or you own your own business, and so on, there is no way to avoid buying life insurance in the United States.

2. Understanding the cost of insurance

Insurance is ultimately a financial risk racing product because it can provide protection, there must be some cost, so in the purchase you can calculate an invoice in advance, if your final return is much higher than the cost, it is very worthy of insurance consideration.

In addition, some insurance is very expensive, and some are very cheap, it is entirely up to your personal choice. But keep in mind that before you buy insurance, you need to have an idea of the financial situation of your whole family, such as wages, debt, balance of payments, if you need a large amount of money in recent years (buy a car to buy a house) and so on, otherwise after a few years you find that you can not pay your premiums on time , so the police are a big problem.

3. Talk about insurance before looking at investments

Many people are baffled by the various provisions of insurance as a tool to make money, which is a very misperception. We need to be clear, what is the primary purpose of buying insurance? Is to give you and their families better security. It's not too late to consider other investments until your insurance can.

4. Insurance companies cannot focus solely on size and seniority

Many think that the insurance company is of course the bigger the better, the older the better, is it really the case? In fact, some insurance companies, while they seem brilliant and stunning, have very little actual coverage and very small total authorized assets. Therefore, when you choose an insurance company, you can look at the "real protection commitment" and "total approved assets" two data.

The actual commitment to coverage relates to the amount of claims currently incurred by the insurance company, the higher the amount of coverage, indicating that the larger the size of the insurance company, the stronger the strength. An approved asset is an asset recognized by an insurance company in the assessment of solvency in accordance with the provisions of the IARC. These assets must be cash and be settled immediately to consumers when things happen.

Overall, regardless of the size of the insurance company, these two figures can be used for consumers to judge the size of a business, which is all about its vital interests.