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criminal justice

criminal justice refers to the activities carried out by the national judicial organs in accordance with the criminal judicial power granted by the Constitution and laws, performing their duties, cooperating with each other,

Bachelor of criminal justice

A bachelor's degree in criminal justice is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a solid foundation in the criminal justice system. Individual learning skills enable them to take on the next step in their career.

criminal justice prospects

Employment prospects in law (criminal justice) Employment in criminal justice After graduating from the criminal law major, there are still many employment opportunities. Enter the public security system to engage in criminal investigation work.

criminal justice Course

Principles of Criminology, Topics in Criminology, Topics in Police Studies, criminal Evidence, Comparative criminal justice, Investigations, Prisons and Corrections Studies, International Crimes and Transnational Crimes, Crime Victims, Guided Reading, Essay Writing Wait.

Basic requirements for a master's degree in social work

Those who have obtained a master’s degree in this major should have a firm value of serving the needy groups, especially those in need, uphold the professional ethics and values of social work, pursue social justice and social progress

Master of Social Work

The training goal of the Master's degree in social work is to have the professional values of "people-oriented, help others, self-help, fairness and justice", master the theories and methods of social work

Basic knowledge for a master's degree in social work

Knowledge about national conditions, social values, and policies