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cyber security Development status

With the rapid development of computer technology, information networks have become an important guarantee for social development. A lot of it is sensitive information, even state secrets.

cyber security Characteristic

In the US National Information Infrastructure (NII) literature, five attributes of security are clearly given

cyber security

cyber security means that the hardware, software and data in the network system are protected from damage, alteration, or leakage due to accidental or malicious reasons. The system operates continuously, reliably, and normally, and the network services are not Interrupt

cyber security main problem

The Internet is an open and uncontrolled network. Hackers often invade the computer systems in the network, or steal confidential data and embezzle privileges, or destroy important data, or make the system functions inadequate or even paralyzed.

Network security analysis

The network analysis system is a network management solution that allows network managers to prescribe the right remedy for various network security issues. It detects, analyzes, and diagnoses all data transmitted in the network, helping users eliminate network accidents and avoid security risks. Improve network performance and increase the value of network availability.

Network information classification

Network communication has the characteristics of joint operations throughout the entire network. As far as communication is concerned, it consists of five major parts: transmission and exchange, network standards, protocols and codes

Credit cards: 10 security Tips

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